waqf in quran lesson 7

Waqf in Quran: Where and how to stop

While reading the Quran, we need to stop at certain places – at the end of verses or words.

We call it Waqf in Quran. You can also call them in a number of ways such as stop signs, rules of stop in Quran or rules of waqf in Quran.

They all refer to the same set of rules. Here is a list of different stop signs:

  • Qila قلى (Preferred stop)
  • Sila صلى (Preferred continue)
  • Jeem ج (Stop or continue)
  • Meem م (Must stop)
  • Laam Alif لا (Don’t stop)
  • Three dotted waqf (Stop at one or none)

Watch the video to learn the concept:

How to do Waqf in Quran

Watch the video to learn how to stop at different places.

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This course is developed by Imam Hassan Raza. Quran and Life has used the course with his permission.

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