Learn Arabic alphabet lesson 1

This is the first lesson in our Learn Quran easy series. It includes videos and text to help you understand the Arabic alphabet.

You can jump to videos or continue with text depending on your convenience.

This section covers:

  • Introduction to Arabic alphabet (video)
  • Pronouncing Aarbic letters (video)

Here is how the Arabic letter chart looks:

learn arabic alphabet

Let’s learn the Arabic alphabet in the following videos:

Alif to Kha’a: ا – خ

Daal to Da’ud: ض to د 

Ta’au to Kaaf: ط – ك

Laam to Ya’a: ل – ئ

The Arabic alphabet consists of 29 letters, of which 28 have sounds.

As with any other language, the first step is to recognize and pronounce the letters correctly.

If you aren’t adept at it, you might change a word’s meaning.

For instance, the letters Sa’ad (ص) and Seen (س) and Saw (ث) look different but you might mistakenly produce similar sounds. 

Similarly, some people might produce similar sounds for the letters Qa’af (ق) and Ka’af (ك) but they are different in reality.

Kalb (كلب) and Qalb (قلب) are two different words. Someone not pronouncing them correctly will change the meaning and context.

The most effective way to learn Arabic letters is to start with Noorani Qaida.

Note: You should perfect each step before moving on to the next stage. When you’re finished learning letters, move on to step two.

This is what we will cover in the following sections:

  • Roots of letters (video)
  • Understanding combined letters (video)
  • Interesting facts about Arabic language (text)
  • Difference between Quranic Arabic and Modern Arabic (text)

Next: Roots of letters…

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  2. You are a great teacher! Thanks a lot for your videos. The way you explain everything makes it much easier to get the sounds right.

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