waqf in quran lesson 7

Do you want to learn where to stop in Quran and where to continue? It’s crucial to learn for a fluent Quranic recitation.

To do it perfectly, you need to recognize the stop signs in Quran. 

These are symbols with different meanings. Usually these Quran stop signs appear at the end of the verse. 

But they also appear in the middle where necessary.

Let’s watch the video to recognize the stop signs in Quran.

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You can also refer to Quran stop signs with different names such as Waqf in Quran, rules of stop in Quran or rules of waqf in Quran.

They all refer to the same set of rules. Here’s a list of different stop signs in Quran:

  • Qila قلى (Preferred stop)
  • Sila صلى (Preferred continue)
  • Jeem ج (Stop or continue)
  • Meem م (Must stop)
  • Laam Alif لا (Don’t stop)
  • Three dotted waqf (Stop at one or none)

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This course is developed by Imam Hassan Raza. Quran and Life has used the course with his permission.

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