madd laazim in quran lesson 4

Madd Laazim is the obligatory Madd and the longest of all. It is equal to six Harakat.

When the letters of Madd (ا- و- ي) are followed by a Sakoon/Shaddah, we will stretch the letter of Madd to six times.

Let’s watch the video to understand the concept.

Understand the Madd Lazim

Madd Lazim test

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Introduction: Course outline
Lesson 1: Arabic alphabet
Lesson 2: Harakat (Fathah, Dammah, Kasrah)
Lesson 3: What is Sukoon?
Lesson 4: What is Madd Lazim
Lesson 5: Noon Sakinah and Meem Sakinah
Lesson 6: Huroof Al Muqatta’ah
Lesson 7: Waqf in Quran

This course is developed by Imam Hassan Raza. Quran and Life has used the course with his permission.

Things to learn in this section:

  • There is a bump at the end of six stretches
  • How to read combination of two, four and six stretches

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