sukoon in quran lesson 3

Sukoon and Shaddah are two critical rules to master for Quran students.

If you’ve learned Arabic letters and Harakat, you are good to go for Sukoon and Shaddah rules.

Here’s how we’ve structured this video lesson for you:

  • What is Sukoon in Quran
  • Practice Harakat, Tanween, Madd and Sukoon
  • What is Shaddah in the Quran?
  • Advance Shaddah rules
  • Lesson revision

Let’s begin with our lesson.

Sukoon and Shaddah Video Lessons

We’ve arranged the videos in a playlist that is simple to navigate. Watch the videos however you like but we recommend to follow the sequence. 

This will help you master the Sukoon and Shaddah rules perfectly.

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What is Sukoon?

Sukoon in Arabic is the absence of Harakat. That means, when there is no Harakat (symbol) on a letter, it is in the state of Sukoon.

Just like a Fathah or a Dammah in Harakat, we add a Sukoon symbol on top of a letter.

Here is how Arabic letters with Sukoon look like.

what is sukoon in quran

When a letter has a Sukoon symbol on it, the movement of the letter stops. This state is the opposite of Harakat.

Sukoon is very common in Arabic. Check out the table that shows letters with Harakat and Sukoon to learn the difference.

Sukoon (no sound)Harakat


You cannot pronounce a Sukoon letter by itself. It needs a Harakat on a letter before it.

What Are QALQALAH Letters?

In the Arabic alphabet, QALQALAH are bouncing letters. There are five of them, including:

  • ق
  • ط
  • ب
  • ج
  • د

When you come across these Arabic letters with Sukoon on them, you will produce a bouncing sound.

What is Shaddah in Quran?

Shaddah is the continuation of Sukoon.

Earlier, we learned that Sukoon is the absence of Harakat. 

Now we are going to add a Harakat to the Sukoon which transforms it into Shaddah.

In fact, we will merge two letters: one with Sukoon on top of it and the other with Harakat/Tanween.

For instance, Baa – Sukoon + Baa – Fathaha = Baa – Shaddah.

بْ + بَ = بَّ

This way you double the letter which increases the emphasis on it.

So Shaddah is a combination of two letters, one with Sukoon and one with Fatha, Kasra or Damma.

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