sukoon in quran lesson 3

Sukoon in Quran is the opposite of Harakat. We write Sukoon in Arabic this way (سُكُونْ).

When a letter has a Sukoon symbol on it, the movement of the letter stops.

Watch the video to understand the concept.

Sukoon is not part of Harakat, but its presence is very common in Quranic Arabic.

Check the table showing letters with Harakat and Sukoon to know the difference.

Sukoon (no sound)Harakat

Sukoon exercise

Things to focus on in this section:

  • In terms of Sukoon, we can divide the alphabet into two categories: QLQLA (pronounced as Q-A-L-Q-A-L-A) and Hums. 
  • QLQLA are five letters that produce a bouncing sound. These are ق – ط – ب – ج – د.
  • Most of the other letters produce soft sounds. They are called “Hums” (ھَمْس)
  • A Sukoon letter can’t be read by itself. A letter with Harakat must precede it.

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