huroof al muqatta'ah quran lesson

There are some special and mysterious words in the Quran.

We call them Huruf al Muqatha’ah (الحروف المقطعة) which are formed with the combination of multiple Arabic letters (1 – 5) in a special way. 

Let’s watch the videos to read these letters correctly!

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Allah (SWT) opens 29 chapters (Surahs) in the Quran with Huruf al Muqatha’ah.

These words hold a special value and meaning which only Allah (SWT) knows about.

Note: To perfectly learn Huruf al Muqatha’ah, we recommend you have a clear understanding of Harakat, Madd Laazim and Noon Saakin and Meem Sakinah rules.

If you have perfected the earlier lessons, this section becomes easier to understand.

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Introduction: Course outline
Lesson 1: Arabic alphabet
Lesson 2: Harakat (Fathah, Dammah, Kasrah)
Lesson 3: What is Sukoon?
Lesson 4: What is Madd Lazim
Lesson 5: Noon Sakinah and Meem Sakinah
Lesson 6: Huroof Al Muqatta’ah
Lesson 7: Waqf in Quran

This course is developed by Imam Hassan Raza. Quran and Life has used the course with his permission.

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